Parliaments and Civil Society in Technology Assessment (2011-2015)


Why did TA-SWISS participate in the PACITA project? 

TA-SWISS has many years’ experience in the assessment of new technologies for parliament. Its partners in the PACITA project are therefore able to benefit from its expertise in the field of project management and communication with the political world. The idea is also for TA-SWISS to draw inspiration from what the other TA organisations are doing. Finally, PACITA also provides TA-SWISS with a unique opportunity to participate in reflections on the potentials and difficulties for collaborative projects involving TA organisations from different countries. PACITA is in fact planning to launch three specific projects which will be taking place in various European countries: one on ageing society, another on sustainable consumption and the last on genomics in public health.

Results and downloads

VolTA, new European TA magazine

Parliamentary debate: Jointly organized by TA-SWISS and the Danish Board of Technology, the first of the two European-wide meetings of parliamentary committees involved in TA related issues was held on June 18,  2012 in the Parliament of Copenhagen and addressed the challenges of policy-making in respect to science and technology issues. Taking part on behalf of the Swiss Parliament, Daniel Jositsch, Member of the Swiss Parliament, Vice-chairman of the Committee for Science, Education and Culture explains the role of TA in Switzerland (Interview), and Félix Gutzwiler, President of Committee for Science, Education and Culture, Member of Council of states.

Report of the 2nd Parliamentary TA Debate (Parliamentary TA on Stengthening TA for Policy-Making) 7 - 8 April 2014, in Lisbon, Portugal, jointly organized by TA-SWISS and the Technology Institute of Biology and Chemistry (ITQB) of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa. Taking part on behalf of the Swiss Parliament: Mr. Felix Gutzwiller, Member of the Council of States, and Mr. Felix Muri, Member of the National Council.

Report «Von Technologien unterstützt - Altern in der Zukunft. Chancen und Risiken beim Einsatz von assistierenden Technologien in der Alterspflege und -betreuung sowie Empfehlungen an die Politik. Resultate eines Stakeholderworkshops, durchgeführt von TA-SWISS am 30. April 2014.» This report is also available in French: Rapport Vieillir à l’avenir – assisté par des technologies

Other publications can be downloaded from the PACITA project website.

Newsletter: 02/2013 in German02/2014 in German and French

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Project website:
Video:  Introduction to Technology Assessment (TA) and to PACITA EU project.


Project coordination

Danish Board of Technology, Copenhagen, Denmark

International consortium partners

Project management TA-SWISS 

  • Dr Sergio Bellucci , TA-SWISS
  • Dr Danielle Bütschi, external collaborator at TA-SWISS.
  • Dr. Christina Tobler, TA-SWISS. E-mail

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