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«Social Freezing – Putting motherhood on ice»

Social Freezing - also called personal egg donation - enables women to realise their desire to have children even at a mature age, owing to the cryopreservation of egg cells. In doing so, women who are actually fertile, make use of medically supported reproduction to postpone their pregnancy to a later time - because they might not yet be prepared for it due to their career or the lack of a partner. The technology promises to free women from the pressure of the biological clock but it also raises questions about medical risks, the child’s well-being and the social need for the compatibility of professional and family life.

In the interdisciplinary study the chances and risks of Social Freezing shall be assessed. The study seeks to investigate how many women in Switzerland use Social Freezing, how big the potential of this technology will be in the future and what changes it will bring. Furthermore, the motives and expectations of these women should be discussed. How, when and under which conditions would they consider to resort to cryoconserved egg cells at a later stage? An important point in the study is also which legal, ethical, social and medical criteria should be considered during the fertilisation of the egg cells and the insertion of the embryos.

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«Social Freezing – Kinderwunsch auf Eis» 

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