The Foundation Board is responsible for strategic decision-making and overall management of TA-SWISS. In addition to authorising the Foundation’s budget and accounts, the Board is in charge of staff-related decisions in upper management and in the Steering Committee. The Foundation Board coordinates its work closely with the Steering Committee.

The Steering Committee is responsible for the content and focus of TA-SWISS activities. It specifies the topics to be analysed, selects projects and commissions the corresponding studies. The Steering Committee secures and monitors the quality of ongoing TA studies and authorises publication of the studies. Members of the Steering Committee are elected on an ad personam basis; representatives from institutions in civil society and the Federal Administration take part in the Steering Committee as guests.

Foundation Board

President of the Foundation Board

Dr Peter Bieri, agricultural engineer, former member of the Council of States

Vice President

Christine Egerszegi-Obrist, former member of the National Council and Council of States

Board of Trustees

  • Moritz Leuenberger
  • Anne-Catherine Lyon, former member of the Cantonal Council of Vaud
  • Dr Fritz Schiesser, former member of the Council of States, former president of the ETH Board
  • Professor Marcel Tanner, president of the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences

Steering Committee


Moritz Leuenberger


  • Dr David Altwegg, economist and engineer
  • Dr Bruno Baeriswyl, data protection expert
  • Prof. Alberto Bondolfi, University of Geneva
  • Prof. Jacques Dubochet, biophysicist, University of Lausanne
  • Dr Olivier Glassey, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, University of Lausanne
  • Dr Jean Hennebert, Department of Informatics, University of Fribourg
  • Prof. Lorenz Hilty, Department of Informatics, University of Zurich and Department of Technology and Society, Empa
  • Huma Khamis, science journalist, Swiss Radio and Television
  • Thomas Müller, editor, Swiss Radio and Television
  • Dr Laura Perret Ducommun, Confederation of Swiss Trade Unions, Swiss Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (from november 2020)
  • Prof. Reinhard Riedl, Bern University of Applied Sciences
  • Prof. Giatgen A. Spinas MD, University Hospital Zurich
  • Dr Stefan Vannoni, cemsuisse

Representatives from outside institutions