Tender for a new project

Flexibilisation du monde du travail – un état des lieux social et économique- Call for tender in French

Flexible neue Arbeitswelt – eine Bestandsaufnahme auf gesellschaftlicher und volkswirtschaftlicher Ebene -  Call for tender in German

Predictive Medicine

More information about our new study on «Personalised Medicine».

TA-SWISS Newsletter 1/2014

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New publications


Personalisierte Medizin. TA-SWISS study. Available in bookstores or 
vdf Hochschulverlag AG.
ISBN 978-3-7281-3591-9 (Print edition) or as Download open access.

Predictive Medicine - Personalised Medicine uses advances in biomedicine and information technology. Abridged version of the TA-SWISS study. 


Brand new developments of dwarfish proportions. The effects of nanomaterials on health and the environment. Abridged version of the study.