eHealth and the electronic patient file

publifocus (2007-2008)


The eHealth strategy was adopted by the Federal Council in June 2007. Distribution of the electronic health card will begin in 2008, and the electronic health file from 2010. The project is in its early stages, so there is still time to pass on information on this subject, and to issue recommendations for its application to political groups.
In addition, the eHealth strategy adopted by the Federal Council has left a great many questions unanswered. The publifocus is the ideal opportunity to try to answer some of these.

Aims of the publifocus

The principal aim of the publifocus is to review,  the opportunities and risks of the electronic patient file with the citizens, to find out what their views and needs are and whether they will accept it, because up to now there has been too little consultation with the population on this subject. This publifocus is also a good opportunity to clarify certain aspects of the strategy that are still somewhat unclear.

Media information

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Project supported by

  • Dr Sergio Bellucci, Managing director, TA-SWISS
  • Ka Schuppisser, Information Society Coordinator, Federal Office of Communications OFCOM
  • Dr Hermann Amstad, Secretary general, Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences SAMW
  • Dr Michel Roulet, Project manager eHealth, Swiss Academy of Engineering Sciences SATW

Supervisory group

  • Prof. Olivier Guillod, Director, Institute for health law, University of Neuchâtel
  • Prof. Dr Alberto Bondolfi, Interfaculty ethics department, University of Lausanne
  • Prof. Dr Luca Crivelli, Director Net-MEGS, University of Lugano 
  • Dr. Iva Bolgiani, Employee of the Health department, canton of Ticino, University of Geneva
  • Markus Nufer, Manager of Governmental Programs, IBM Switzerland
  • Pia Ernst, Director, Swiss patient organisation
  • Walter Stüdeli, Director eCH, Association for eGovernment standards
  • Fritz Britt, Director, Santé Suisse
  • Dr Max Giger, Member of Managing Board, Swiss Medical Association FMH
  • Edith Graf-Litscher, National councillor, Thurgau agency, ÖKK
  • Hanspeter Thür, Swiss Federal Data Protection Commissioner, Bern
  • Andrea Nagel, Project Manager eHealth, Federal Office of Public Health FOPH
  • Ann Schwarz, Editor, Tages-Anzeiger Zurich
  • Dr Rosmarie Waldner, Scientific editor, Zurich (chairman of the support group)
  • Dr iur. Bruno Baeriswyl, Data protection commissioner, canton of Zurich

TA-SWISS Project Management

  • Dr Sergio Bellucci, TA-SWISS, e-mail
  • Nadia Ben Zbir, TA-SWISS

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