Constantly on the move

Being mobile means being able to move about freely. In Switzerland, this need is met by a well developed infrastructure for public and private transportation.

Regulate traffic volumes

The existing infrastructure occasionally reaches the limits of its capacity. Electronic control systems should therefore help to improve traffic coordination. Introducing road pricing could also influence traffic volumes through charges.

Information technologies in transportation

The use of information technologies in transport is called telematics. These electronic aids should help to make transportation safer and more efficient. Vehicles are being fitted with navigation devices and other electronic aids. In rail transportation, safety technology is based largely on electronic control systems.


Mobility is considered from a technical, social and environmental policy perspective.

Completed projects

Study Electromobility (2012)

Study Biomass fuel - second Generation (2010)

WWViews on Global Warming (2009)

publifocus Road Pricing (2004)

Study Transport telematics (2003)