Infinitely mobile – in a finite world

More and more cars and trucks on the road, more people and goods on the trains: the Swiss government is basing its forecasts for traffic growth up to 2040 on billions of francs needing to be spent on upgrading the infrastructure in the years to come.

Because there is less and less space available for infrastructures, the primary focus now will be to make better use of the existing traffic routes. This is where new technologies, and especially communications and information technologies (ICT) come into play.

Attempts to bring escalating mobility under control by means of modern technologies are also having an ever greater impact on other sectors of our lives:  examples include increased flexibilisation of working hours and workplaces, and a new way of recording working hours. This in turn impacts on data protection, the private sector and the right to informational self-determination, but also on spatial and urban planning and not least on the environment and energy generation.

TA-SWISS considers developments in the mobility/energy/climate sector from technical, social and environmental policy perspectives.

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