International technology assessment

New technologies know barely any limitations, let alone geographical frontiers. This is why institutions commissioned for technology assessment (TA) work closely together.

Sharing of expert knowledge and synergies

Together, European TA institutions form the EPTA Network (European Parliamentary Technology Assessment Network). For the purpose of early recognition, this group discusses topics that could be of interest for future projects. Information about current projects, and the relevant results, are also shared within this network. 

Cooperation on topics

Technological topics are international. However, legal and political constraints or social and cultural backgrounds lead to different ways of dealing with these at a national level. Projects that are conducted within the EPTA Network therefore often provide a section comparing different countries, thus revealing interesting information about similarities and differences.


TA-SWISS participates in international projects and cultivates the exchanges with European partners. Technology assessment methods are also reviewed within this framework.

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Completed projects

Biotechnology and medicine

Study Genetically modified plants and foods (2009) 

Global Warming

WWViews on Global Warming (2009) 


INES Institutionalisation of Ethics in Science Policy (2004-2006)

TAMI Technology Assessment - Methods and Impacts (2002/2003)

EUROPTA European Participatory Technology Assessment (1998-2000)