The virtual world on our doorstep

The main focus of information and communication technologies is to deal with the multifaceted challenges of increasing digitalisation across a very wide range of sectors.

Seventy eight percent of Swiss people aged between 15 and 74 years, which equates to about 4.9 million persons, now own a smartphone. And it is not only social reality that is being shaped by the Internet, it is also increasingly true of the state and the economy. Objects and entire systems are increasingly working within networks, frequently with no human input at all. Certain sectors are only viable if the underlying digital technology functions reliably and safely.

Digitally overloaded?

"Schools should teach media skills", "Adults have to resort to extra coaching on the Internet": such comments, gathered from the population in a TA-SWISS project, indicate that there is at the same time an impression among society that people are still not entirely confident with the new technologies, or are having trouble keeping up with the rapid pace of development.

Special attention on the private sector

In its projects in the information and communication technologies sector, TA-SWISS is particularly interested in the process of social change, and also in developments that affect the private sphere.

Aktuelle Projekte

Civil drones, a future technology ?

The use of drones in many areas now seems to be one of the significant technological innovations of the past decade. The project will adopt a forward-looking approach, examining innovations and developments in the field of drones in the period up to 2020-2025.

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Sharing Economy – «sharing instead of owning»

The «Sharing Economy» has arrived and seems to be here to stay. This new way of consuming is sending shock waves through an economy established several decades ago, shaking our very definition of employment and possession.

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Selbstfahrende Autos

Autos sollen künftig vollkommen selbständig fahren, dank Sensoren, Karten und Software. Durch intelligente Steuerung könnten sie sicherer sein, weniger Treibstoff verbrauchen und weniger Staus verursachen. Das alles verschafft ihren Passagieren mehr Zeit. Selbstfahrende Autos könnten zu neuen Mobilitätskonzepten beitragen und bestehende Verkehrsprobleme lösen, zudem sollen sie umweltfreundlicher sein und die Ressourcen schonen.

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Abgeschlossene Projekte

Media and the power to shape opinions (2017)

The media landscape in Switzerland is going through a profound transformation. Structural change caused by digitalisation and a declining willingness among users to pay pose major challenges for information journalism.

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Flexible new world of work (2016)

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Localisation technologies (2012)

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Cloud computing (2011)

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Internet of the future (2011)

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Emancipation of the computer (2008)

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eHealth and the electronic patient file (2008)

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Pervasive Computing (2005)

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