The virtual world became real long ago

The focus on information and communication technologies covers topics related to digital communication. The challenges to be dealt with in these areas are complex and of global import. State, economy and society are increasingly dependent on the Internet. Objects and whole systems operate more and more independently, without human input. Certain sectors are only able to work if the Internet-based technology functions reliably and safely.

Social discourse is lagging behind

Schools should impart media competence, adults have to attend Internet tutoring courses. Such voices show that society is still not entirely familiar with the new technologies, or cannot keep up with the rapid pace of change. Little by little only, the effects can be estimated, and opportunities and risks assessed. 

Privacy compromised

It is now foreseeable the Internet capability of mobile gadgetry will continue to grow. That might, on the one hand, be a relief. But on the other hand, people are becoming increasingly «transparent». The «digital footprint» which they consciously, in social networks for example, or unconsciously leave behind, is becoming more and more conspicuous. Privacy is therefore starting to falter, data protection demands new concepts – on an international level. 


In its projects on information and communication technology, TA-SWISS focuses on the process of social change, and on topics that impact on privacy.

Completed projects


Project Localisation technologies (2012)

Project Cloud Computing (2011)

Project Internet of the futur (2011)

publifocus eHealth (2008)

Report Emancipation of the computer (2008)

Study ICT & Privacy (2006)

Study Pervasive Computing (2005)

Study Telemedicine (2004)