Preliminary study (2015)


MOOC are a phenomenon of great significance for the media. They reach many people, and the number of courses on offer is constantly increasing. The national and international scope of MOOC questions and catalyses the economic, social, cultural and educational challenges for higher education and for lifelong training. In this context, TA-SWISS has decided to launch a preliminary study, an x-ray picture of MOOC, which will bring to light the TA challenges appropriate to this type of social technology from an interdisciplinary and forward-looking perspective.

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Centre de Didactique Universitaire de Fribourg,


Project supported by

  • Centre for Technology Assessment TA-SWISS

Project mandataries

  • Prof. Dr. Bernadette Charlier, Centre de Didactique universitaire de Fribourg.
  • Dr. Nathalie Deschryver, Centre de didactique universitaire de Fribourg

Supervisory group

  • Dr. Hanna Muralt-Müller, FSFA Fondation suisse pour la formation par l’audiovisuel
  • Dr. Sabine Felder, Leiterin Koordination Lehre, CRUS
  • Prof. Abraham Bernstein, Universität Zürich, Institut für Informatik
  • Prof. Dr. Alberto Bondolfi, Université de Genève
  • Heidi Blattmann, science journalist, Zurigo

TA-SWISS Project managment

  • Elise Gortchacow, TA-SWISS
  • Dr. Sergio Bellucci, TA-SWISS


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