«TAMI: Technology Assessment – Methods and Impacts»


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Short Title: TAMI
Long Title: TAMI: Technology Assessment – Methods and Impacts
Short Description: Das TAMI-Projekt brachte die wichtigsten parlamentarischen und ausserparlamentarischen Institutionen der Technikfolgen-Abschätzung in Europa zusammen.

Start: 2002
End: 2003
Partner Institutes: ITAS
Scope Countries: Nederlands, Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom, Poland, Czech Republic, Spain
Contact Person: Bütschi, Danielle
Home Page URL: http://www.ta-swiss.ch/methodik/tami
Focus: TA methodology
Project Leader:
Other Members:

The Project in brief

The TAMI project brought together the most important parliamentarian and non-parliamentarian institutions for technology assessment from all of Europe.