Anti-Ageing Medicine

Myths and Chances (2006-2008)

«Old age can be framed. Depending on care is not just fate.»
National councillor Bea Heim


Why  a TA-SWISS study «Anti-Ageing? Better Ageing!»?

The average life expectancy of new-born children in Switzerland is already very high compared to international standards, and continues to increase. The importance of elderly people’s health and their chances to live independently and without impairment for as long as possible is therefore growing steadily.


Project sponsored by

• Centre for Technology Assessment TA-SWISS
• Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences SAMW
• Innovation promotion Agency CTI at the Federal Office for Professional Education and Technology OPET

Project mandataries

• Prof. Philippe Wanner, Economist and demographer, Laboratoire de démographie et d'études familiales, University of Geneva (Project Manager)
• Dr Astrid Stuckelberger, Psychologist and gerontologist, Institut de Médecine Sociale et Préventive (IMSP), Centre Médical Universitaire, Geneva

Support group

• Prof. Oreste Ghisalba, Novartis AG Basel, deputy of the CTI (chairman of the support group)
• Dr Hermann Amstad, Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences SAMW
• Margrit Bossart, Secretary general of the Swiss senior citizens council SSR, c/o Pro Senectute Bern (until October 2006)
• Maya Brändli, Editorial Office Society, Swiss Radio DRS2
• PD Dr Peter Diem, President of the Swiss society for endocrinology and diabetology, Insel Hospital, Bern
• Dr Salome von Greyerz, Section Head Strategy and Health Policy, Federal Office of Public Health
• Bea Heim, National councillor, Socialist Party SP, canton of Solothurn
• Prof. François Höpflinger, Sociological Institute, University of Zurich
• François Huber, Section “Children, Youth, Old Age” of the Federal Office for Social Security
• Dr Irmgard Irminger, Ageing biology laboratory, University of Geneva
• Dr Pedro Koch, Swiss Patient Organisation SPO (until January 2007)
• Dr Emil Kowalski, TA-SWISS Steering Committee
• Prof. Andreas Stuck, Geriatric university hospital, Bern-Ziegler Hospital
• Peter Seiler, Swiss senior citizens council SSR, Bern (from November 2006)

TA-SWISS Project Management

• Dr Adrian Rüegsegger, TA-SWISS, e-mail

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