How are new technologies changing our lives?
We are looking for the answers!

New technology applications generally serve progress. But they also have a whole range of unforseeable effects. The task of TA-SWISS consists in analyzing all possible consequences so that everyone can form his or her own educated opinion.

TA-SWISS, the Centre for Technology Assessment, deals with the possible consequences (opportunities and risks) of using new technologies on social coexistence and on the environment. To do so, TA-SWISS brings together experts from a very diverse range of subject areas and consults citizens. The analyses carried out by TA-SWISS are always centred around a consideration of possible "technological futures" from social, economic, ecological, ethical, legal and political points of view and working out courses of action from these.

  • To this end TA-SWISS takes on an early identification role and encourages debate on the opportunities and risks of new technologies.
  • TA-SWISS promotes interaction between different groups in society, provides objective bases for discussion and thus facilitates democratic decision making.
  • Based on its analyses and assessments, TA-SWISS presents decision makers with a reasoned selection of options.
  • From its studies, TA-SWISS draws its own conclusions, formulates and publishes its own recommendations and thus provides guidance for politicians, citizens and their organisations.

Scientific, independent, impartial

TA-SWISS therefore concerns itself with potential consequences of new technologies and their effect on our society. As a foundation financed exclusively from public funds, TA-SWISS fulfils its mandate, which is enshrined in law, on the basis of scientific knowledge, independence and impartiality.

These are the topics we are currently working on:

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Jahresbericht TA-SWISS 2018

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Newsletter 3/2018: Wenn der Algorithmus für uns entscheidet

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FOCUS CITY Schlussbericht Participatory Workshop, TA-SWISS (Hrsg.), Bern, 2018

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Jahresbericht TA-SWISS 2017

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Sharing Economy - teilen statt besitzen. Studie Thomas von Stokar, Martin Peter, Remo Zandonella, Vanessa Angst, Kurt Pärli, Gabi Hildesheimer, Johannes Scherrer, Wilherlm Schmid (Hrsg.). vdf Hochschulverlag an der ETH Zürich, 2018.
ISBN 978-3-7281-3880-4.

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Sharing as a consumer culture Summary of the study «Sharing Economy – teilen statt besitzen» conducted by TA-SWISS Foundation for Technology Assessment (ed.), TA 67A/2018, Bern, 2018

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Remote-controlled flying machines. Abridged version of the study «Zivile Drohnen – Herausforderungen und Perspektiven» TA-SWISS, Bern 2018, TA 66A/2018

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Quantified Self – Schnittstelle zwischen Lifestyle und Medizin. Ursula Meidert, Mandy Scheermesser, Yvonne Prieur, Stefan Hegyi, Kurt Stockinger, Gabriel Eyyi, Michaela Evers-Wölk, Mattis Jacobs, Britta Oertel, Heidrun Becker. TA-SWISS, Stiftung für Technologiefolgen-Abschätzung (Hrsg.). vdf Hochschulverlag an der ETH Zürich, 2018.
ISBN 978-3-7281-3891-4.

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