WWViews on Global Warming

Worldwide collective project


WWViews on Global Warming, a shortened form of World Wide Views on Global Warming, was the title of a collective project whose aim it was to find out what citizens of different countries around the world think about the issue of global warming.

Results and Downloads

Policy Report
Results are available on: http://results.wwviews.org

Swiss recommendations (Original)
Swiss recommendations (English)

Other publications
Newsletter TA-SWISS 02/2009 (in German and French)

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World Wide Views on Global Warming


Project coordinators at the international level

  • Dr Lars Klüver, Danish Board of Technology
  • Bjørn Bedsted, Danish Board of Technology
  • Søren Gram, Danish Board of Technology

Project management TA-SWISS

  • Dr Sergio Bellucci , TA-SWISS
  • Nadia Ben Zbir, TA-SWISS

Swiss partners

  • Alain Kaufmann, Director, Interface Sciences-Société, Université de Lausanne
  • Marc Audétat, Interface Sciences-Société, Université de Lausanne
  • Prof. Edo Poglia, University of Lugano
  • Giovanni Pellegri, Science et Cité, University of Lugano
  • Michela Luraschi, Science et Cité, University of Lugano

Advisory board

  • Dr Ruedi Jörg-Fromm, Representative of the Swiss Federation of Trade Unions, (member of the Steering Committee), Zurich
  • René Longet, Equiterre, (Member of the Steering Committee), Geneva
  • Dr Urs Neu, ProClim, Swiss Academy of Sciences, Bern
  • Ulrike Saul, Climate expert, WWF Switzerland, Zurich
  • Mike Weibel, Federal Office for the Environment FOEN, Bern
  • Dr Elena Xoplaki, Oeschger Centre for Climate Change Research & NCCR Climate, University of Berne


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